eBay Raises Billion Pounds In Skype Sale


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Saturday, 12 September 2009 05:26

Internet auction site eBay is selling a 65% stake in its online phone business Skype for £1.2bn.

A group of private equity investors have agreed to buy the controlling shareholding in the company. Skype allows people to make free or cheap voice and video calls on computers and mobile phones. The deal values the company at around £1.7bn and will see eBay retain a 35% stake. John Donahoe, eBay chief executive, said it would unlock “both immediate and long-term value for eBay and tremendous potential for Skype”. eBay bought the company in 2005 but announced earlier this year it wanted to spin off the business.

Despite proving popular with punters on the net, Skype failed to take off on the internet auction site as a popular way for buyers and sellers to connect. Acknowledging it overvalued the business, the company took a £557m write-down on Skype in 2007. US research suggests Skype accounted for 8% of international calling traffic last year. The service can typically offer cheaper rates than landline phones by sending voice data over the internet, reducing the need to tie-up dedicated phone lines.


TeleGeography investigator Stephan Beckert alludes to Skype’s assessed volume of traffic as “colossal” and proceeds to state that Skype is currently by a wide margin the biggest supplier of cross-fringe interchanges on the planet.

Just yesterday, Skype Journal revealed that the administration has seen an untouched record number of simultaneous signed on clients: 22 million individuals marked in to Skype simultaneously. Or then again what the disturbance of the business resembles in figures and outlines.

Tomorrow, eBay is set to discharge its most recent quarter income, which means we’ll have the option to coordinate these traffic development numbers with detailed income figures. In October 2009, we gave an account of Skype hitting 521 million clients and $185 million in quarterly income.


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